Saturday, 8 May 2010

Random Thought From Yesterday

Often one sees that in discussions on religion, someone will convict religion of bearing guilt. The reply usually is that, 'I wish to live my own life, and not to be dragged down by rules and dogmas, feeling bad when I don't follow them'.
Yet, if we look at the number of suicides committed by people of this generation, is this life truly carefree? How many young people, becoming slaves to drink, drugs and any other passion, are incapable of controlling it, suffocate themselves and give up in despair? Instead, a number of wayward souls will turn to 'spirituality', to find their true selves, a rising up to freedom. However in Christianity, it is the Logos who comes down, shares our lives, dies on our behalf and raises us up Himself to God.
This world certainly offers guilt....but no absolution.

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