Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Genius of Joseph Ratzinger

''This oratio - the Eucharistic Prayer, the 'Canon' - is really more than speech; it is actio in the highest sense of the word. For what happens in it is that the human actio (as performed hitherto by the priests in the various religions of the world) steps back and makes way for the actio divina, the action of God. In this oratio the priest speaks the I of the Lord - 'This is My Body', 'This is My Blood'. He knows that he is not now speaking from his own resources but in virtue of the Sacrament that he has received, he has become the voice of Someone Else, who is now speaking and acting. This action of God, which takes place through human speech, is the real 'action' for which all of creation is in expectation'' - The Spirit of the Liturgy.


  1. ...of course, you know who it is on the left?
    (Wigratzbad, 1990. :D )

  2. yes, thats why i picked it, more hair then haha