Monday, 3 May 2010

Ut Unum Sint...the true sort of ecumenism

This is the true sort of ecumenism that the Faith calls for. It is not enough merely to hope for ''good will' between the Church and other faith communities, but a conversion to the Catholic Church, founded by our Lord upon St. Peter. The Pope is a fisher of men....gee, that's a shock.

''Leading bishops in the Church of England have secretly told Vatican officials they are ready to defect to Rome (for those of us familiar with history, it was their sexually incontinent king that left the Church and took them with him) it was claimed on Sunday.
Senior Anglican bishops met the Pope's advisers for 'cloak and dagger' talks about plans which would allow large numbers of clergy to convert to Catholicism (Deo Gratias).
Traditionalists have been angered over the introduction of women bishops, due to be debated at a crucial General Synod meeting in July.
A group of bishops travelled to Rome last week to hold face-to-face discussions with officials from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the most powerful department of the Vatican.
The Rt Rev John Broadhurst, the Rt Rev Keith Newton and the Rt Rev Andrew Burnham, the bishops of Fulham, Richborough and Ebbsfleet, discussed how clergy could convert to Catholicism, it was reported
The move is likely to raise tensions between the two churches (the CoE is not truly a 'church', plus truth regularly causes anger), ahead of Pope Benedict's visit to Britain in September.
One bishop was said to have compared the summit to 'a declaration of war'. (a war that the weak, lifeless error driven secular Anglicans will not win)
More than 1,300 clergy have written to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams (he will probably call them 'eccentric'...he loves that word), threatening to leave if women are consecrated as bishops (should read: if women have ordination attempted on them...).
The Church of England has voted in favour of female bishops but has yet to work out how the legislation will be implemented. (majority voting is not the best way to preserve truth and revelation)
Plans for the Pope's visit have already been mired in controversy because of the child abuse scandals (it seems some Anglicans are more interested in truth than media hysteria...) and the leaked Foreign Office memo, suggesting Pope Benedict launch a condom range and visit an abortion clinic during his time here (slaughter house is my prefered term).
An email sent by Bishop Burnham earlier this year revealed the degree of secrecy surrounding the Vatican talks.
'It has all felt a little bit like Elizabethan espionage,' he wrote. 'This is not known about fully in England and Wales... Hence the cloak and dagger.'
The Vatican opened the doors for Anglican clergy to convert last year, when it set out detailed plans to allow them to serve as Roman Catholic priests.''

It must be acknowledged that the Anglicans approached His Holiness first. However, I wish to offer a warning. 'Swimming the Tiber' is not a quick fix solution to show outrage. The decision to return to the Faith must be for the reason of wishing to worship as God has revealed in His Church. It is necessary for the conversion to be based upon deeper principles, and not mere resentment at certain 'novelties' in the Anglican Communion, however these errors manifest the contradictions and falsehoods that the CoE is built upon.
It already seems that certain Catholic bishops of the liberal (used to be called heretical) variety are worried with an influx of liturgically reverent faithful who wish to adhere to the revealed truth of God.
Truly the Holy Father is the 'Pope of Christian Unity'.

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  1. Post scriptum: Continue to pray for our beloved Holy Father that he may not flee from the wolves.