Monday, 24 May 2010

Pentecost Reflection

'Come Holy Spirit, Fill The Hearts Of Your Faithful'

This Sunday and for the current Octave we commemorate the marvellous event of the birth of our Church where the Divine Spirit descended upon the Blessed Mother, the Apostles and the other disciples of Christ. The same Spirit Who came upon the Virgin to enable her to conceive the Saviour of the world, now comes upon these souls gathered in prayer to proclaim the Truth of the same Christ to the nations, and to allow them to conceive the faith. From the locked room of fear of the faithless Jews, the Good News reaches all men and will end up in the Eternal City.
A rag-tag bunch of no hopers, the Apostles may have been, but on that blessed daythey are led forth by the Paraclete to boldly acknowledge the Faith infront of their own people and foreigners with great courage. Peter, who shrank beneath the ilde questioning of a young maid, now fearlessly affirms the redemption wrought by Christ and the guilt of the Jews who crucified the 'Lord of glory'.
The Church always remain in that state of Pentecost, where the Spirit unites all members in the one Body and and brings about the ability to speak all tongues throughout the earth. No Apostle separated themselves from Peter, the Prince of them all, let us today unite ourselves in love with the Holy Roman Pontiff, and beseech God to bring all those who profess the name of Christian enter into communion with the Body of Christ.

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