Monday, 3 May 2010

Further Reflection on Anglican Conversion to Rome

Anglican support for abortion, contraception, euthanasia, female ordination or any other secular novelty is not the problem. The real issue lies hidden within the very framework of Protestantism, in its essence, in its foundation. In Catholic apologetics, we often speak of a 'three-legged stool', id est, Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church, yet the reformers attempted to do away with the popish inventions and their 'one-legged stool' (sola scriptura) tumbled. These moral issues are merely symptoms of a much more systematic error, one that can not simply be tweaked, it will fact it already has.

All of these positions can be 'defended' (with some success at least) by a faulty reading of Scripture, which is divorced by the living Tradition and the guidance of the Pope and the bishops in communion with him. This evidently proves that without authoritative teaching ('how can I know if I have no one to teach me?' asked the Ethiopian eunuch), the revelation of God crumbles under the attempt of man to form in its own image. Souls are at stake. Anglicans: This nonsense will continue, what else will they attempt to justify using their modernist logic and worldview? One schism renders worthless the principles that hold us together, resulting in further division. Return to the faith of your fathers and salvation. May the Mother of the Church guide you to her Son.

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