Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Reflection on Active Participation

Active particulation at Holy Mass is nothing other than the beating of the believer's heart in time with the Sacred Heart of the slain and risen Lord enthroned upon the Altar. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Reflection on Celibacy

The two bulwarks against the naturalisation of the priesthood are the Sacred Liturgy and mandatory celibacy. In the West the first has already fallen, let us therefore cherish and guard zealously the second. If the priest is not all for Christ, he exists all for nothing. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Rito Antiguo Returns to Valladolid

Photos and the original short article available through the above link.

Translation of Castilian article:

On the 17th May the first Traditional Mass according to the immemorial rite of the Roman Church, codified by Saint Pius V, was celebrated thanks to Canon Raúl Olazábal in the city of Valladolid, the first in many decades. Not in the province however, because on the 13th May, Don Francisco García had celebrated the Traditional Mass in the parish of Torrecilla de la Orden. We give thanks to all those who have made possible the celebration; as much our archbishop Don Ricardo Blázquez, as the Cistercian community of Saints Joachim and Anne.

The next Mass will be celebrated on the 15th June, the third Sunday of the month, at 7pm in the same place.