Sunday, 2 January 2011

Latin Doctor Quote of the Day

Saint Augustine of Hippo:

(''For the Son of Man is come to seek that which was lost.'') 'Therefore, if man had not sinned, the Son of Man would not have come'.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Although in the closest union possible to the most eminent degree, the human soul of Christ, remained a creature. It was not consumed or drowned by the divine but was and still is distinct from the eternal nature of the Logos however one. No ontological alteration occurred, neither is it possible.
The assumed human soul certainly from the first instant of the Incarnation viewed the divine essence in the highest degree possible for a creature, yet did not see as God sees or as God knows. It remains within the bounds of a creature.

Latin Doctor Quote of the Day

Saint Ambrose:

''Ye will see that as all the ceremonies of the old law were types of realities in the new, so the circumcision of the body signified the cleansing of the heart from the guilt of sin. But since the body and mind of man remain yet infected with a proneness' to sin, the circumcision of the eighth day is also a type of that complete cleansing from sin which we shall have at the resurrection''