Thursday, 6 May 2010

Characteristics of the Just Man

According to Ecclesiasticus 39:6-14:

The Just Man will:

-love the Lord above all, and love all others for the sake of the One who created him.
- not mock the Lord by turning to Him as a last resort when all other sources of comfort have failed him. He will turn to Him earnestly early on.
- recognise the Most High as his only fortress, comfort, rock and strength. The help of mortal man is useless, the weakness of the Lord is infinitely greater than the power of sinners.
- receive mercy from God, who will content and satisfy him. He knitted his inmost being together in the womb, and is the end of human nature.
- confess his faith in the goodness and mercy of the Creator openly and will not mumble his hope half-heartedly in the darkness.
- acknowledge his iniquites and failings with honesty and turn immediately to beseech the Good Physician to heal him and bind up his wounds.
- receive the gifts of the Sanctificator, who will bestow upon him, graces and blessings. God is not outdone in generosity.
- come to know the intimate secrets of the deity. Only with a pure heart, can a man embrace the truth revealed to him. Those who linger in the company of sinners and seek the admiration of scorners will fumble in the darkness.
- have his received knowledge and wisdom shine forth as a light to the nations to comfort and give direction to those confounded.
- receive honour from the people of God, who will beseech his prayers, and will uncover the jewels within his writings.
- be remembered forever while the arrogant rich will return to the dust and leave their wealth to be squandered by their children.

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