Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Nature of Love - 2

All that exists, shares, in some sense, in the nature of God. As He is the origin of all that has being, no existing subject can be, without resembling His essence. Yet not all creation is alike in this. Rocks participate in God simply by being. Plants by living. Men by knowing and loving. This capacity for love reflects the intra-trinitarian communion, where the Spirit is the bond of love between the Unbegotten and the Logos. It is this endowment which exalts man above the rest of the earth and makes him most like God. The path of sanctity, which consists loving the Good, is not foreign to human nature, but grace is the perfection of it, where it is given its fulfilment and uniqueness.
Man can only love what is good, of his nature he is drawn to what is desirable and beautiful. Yet, such a desire which should be pure, grounded in God, in this valley of tears, becomes corrupted and confused. What is good is sought after in isolation from He Who is Good, Who He Is. The man who acts and loves in this manner, offends his own being. This is not simply ‘inauthenticity’, but a lie, a distortion of creation.
Love is the fundamental orientation of man, it directs his being, raises him up and transforms him. He that loves God, loves Himself and becomes God. Such an exaltation could only ever occur because of the Incarnation of the Sole-Begotten One and His Death. The supreme oblation of a God wounded by sin. A heart that would beat for the love of humanity and for the Father’s glory. The lover desires to be united with the Beloved, wishes to make himself like He Who is sought after and rejoices in His perfections.

This could be greatly expanded, but I thought I would write down some initial thoughts and develop them over the course of time.

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