Friday, 2 July 2010

9 Nations Appeal Italian Crucifix Ruling

From Catholic Culture:

''Nine of the 47 member nations of the Council of Europe argued in a June 30 appeal that the European Court of Human Rights should overturn its decision banning crucifixes in Italian classrooms. The original case was decided by a seven-judge panel; the appeal will be decided by a 19-judge panel, which is expected to issue a ruling in September or October.

Joining Italy in the appeal were Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, San Marino, Romania, and Russia.''

Comment: So much for secular toleration. When will we wake up from our slumber? It is from the Cross that our salvation comes. Opposing the use of crucifixes is a denial of God's gracious mercy in the Sacrifice of Christ, the seriousness of sin and the right to proclaim openly the truth.

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