Friday, 2 July 2010

Latin Doctor Quote Of The Day

Saint Ambrose:

'Let us remember that religion comes first and family affection only in second place. Then everything becomes clear. You should put human affairs second to divine imperatives. If we have a duty to love our parents, we also have one paramount duty of love to the Father of our parents.'

Comment: I can already hear the modernist plead, 'What about the commandment to honour our parents, are we negating that divine law for the sake of superficial piety?' Not so. When we follow the outline given above by the Bishop of Milan, we recognise the uniqueness of our parents. Nothing occurs on this earth without the will of God, either His ordaining (what I call 'positive') or permissive will, therefore it was not without reason that our Eternal Father placed us in the care of those He did. Through our obediance to 'divine imperatives', we truly honour the God, from Whom all fatherhood proceeds. In Christ, we not only wish them peace and prosperity, but all heavenly benediction and eternal happiness. To act and believe in such a manner, we truly honour our parents.

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  1. I'd expect a modernist to agree with the quote and interpret it in such a way as to allow them to come up with a quasi-liturgical sing song to express the love of God and parents at the same time...