Wednesday, 28 July 2010

July 28

Ss. Nazarius and Celsus, Martyrs
St Victor I, Pope, Martyr
St Innocent I, Pope, Confessor
. - 3 Cl.

Nazarius and his disciple Celsus are two Milanese martyrs. They were beheaded A.D. 67.
Victor, successor of St. Eleutherius, was martyred under Septimus Severus A.D. 199.
Having, like his contemporaries St Jerome and St Augustine, fought with his pen and his eloquence for the teaching of Christ, St Innocent, the successor of St Athanasius, died A.D. 417.


May the blessed martyrdom of Thy saints Naziarus, Celsus, Victor and Innocent be our defence, and may it graciously win for us help in our weakness. Through our Lord Jesus Christ...

'God rendered to the just the wages of their labours...'

Comment: The Christian is not opposed to the world, yet he finds the truth he believes in and molds his life around is vigorously hated by the world. Nowadays, our opponents will act in subtle ways to fight the Faith. Satan is not so foolish that he believes the Faith can be defeated through such violent means. He appeals to our sense of 'goodness'. They will appear to be rational, reasonable, devoted to upholding liberty and justice. For too long, we have allowed them to promote errors, while we suck up their doctrines voluntarily, all in the name of fairness. Let us awaken as much is at stake here.

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