Monday, 26 July 2010

Latin Doctor Quote Of The Day

Saint Ambrose:

''The devil does not have only one weapon. He uses many different means to defeat human beings; now with bribery, now with boredom, now with greed he attacks, inflicting mental and physical wounds equally.''

Comment: It is only through suffering that a man is made perfect. Only when considerable pressure is mounted upon an athelete will muscles develop and speed increase. Yet, suffering can deprave a man even more, or it can exalt him over the heavens in holiness. Recourse to the Father of heavens and the Holy Virgin in such difficulties creates a greater likeness of Christ in the soul, and Satan is powerless. Let us remember that the Good Lord will not permit us to be tested beyond our strength. Let us refrain from idleness, where Satan is often at his most dangerous, and our souls at their weakest. Vigilate!

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