Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Today, let us worship the blessed Trinity, imitating the faith and virtues and beseeching the intercession of the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul.
Upon hearing a short sermon from a priest today on this glorious and joyful occasion, two elements come to my mind which we must consider now more than ever.
First of all, even though these great men are acknowledged in the Confiteor, where we confess our sins before them, and plead for them to pray for us to God, we rarely pray or have a devotion to them outside of the divine liturgy. Why do we forget what these princes of the Church did for us? I am writing in Scotland in the 21th century, and I uphold the Catholic Faith which concerns the Logos Who descended to the earth 2000 years ago. We have received this great grace by the sweat, toil and blood of these men who were sent out by Christ to the nations. It is not a doctrine of man that we cling to or proclaim. It was through a revelation that the Rock, Peter exclaimed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God, when the rest of his companions uttered the rumours of the crowd. Later, the Divine Apostle, Paul converted to the true faith through the gracious mercy of Jesus, Who spoke with him on the road to Damascus.
We do not profess one faith that is as valid as any, but one which comes from Christ Himself Who founded His Church to perpetuate the incarnation and bring the redemption wrought by His Precious Blood to all nations.
Saint Paul characterised the missionary zeal that we must all have for the Catholic Faith. Essentially our religion has universality and rationality, as we worship the Logos through Whom all things have their being. The Faith must not be confined to one area, to one nation, to one language, but to all men descended from Adam. Let us cast aside the false notion of ''religious liberty'', no one has a right to simulate worship in a manner contrary to what the good Lord has revealed. It is a great act of charity to pray for the salvation of others, and as all grace for salvation comes through the Church, let us not neglect to bring souls to our Mother Church to be nourished and quickened.
Second, there is a great crisis within the human element of the Church. Liberals (who used to be called 'heretics') are 'rewarded' for their creativity with honours, bishops sleep on their thrones while souls perish, priests are more concerned about social justice programmes, and dissent is rampant. With Saint Peter, the foremost of the Apostles, the Rock, the safeguard of the Faith, let us cling to the truth handed onto the saints once for all. The Holy Father has much to suffer and he has been abandoned by his clergy. May His Holiness continue to feature in our prayers, as we pour forth our supplications for the victory of the Holy Catholic Church. By holy living, devout reception of the Sacraments and great hope in the Blessed Mother, may we become channels of grace to bring as many men as possible into the fold. This can only occur through clinging to the true Faith with love, this truth and no other can set us free.

Glory be to the holy Trinity, and honour to the Divine Apostles. Amen.

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