Monday, 21 June 2010

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga - 3 Cl.


He is the patron of Catholic youth. Amid the seductions of court the young prince, full of merits and virtues, kept his first innocence by marvels of mortification. He entered the Society of Jesus in Rome at the age of sixteen, and died there seven years later a victim to the plague, June 21, A.D. 1591.


O God, the Giver of heavenly gifts, who in the angelic youth Aloysius didst unite a wonderful innocence of life with an equal spirit of penance: grant through his merits and prayers, that we, who have not followed his innocence, may imitate his penance. Through our Lord...

'My hope, O Lord, from my youth: by Thee have I been confirmed from the womb...'

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