Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Laptop 'Issues' - Some thoughts for Reflection

On Sunday, of the Holy Trinity, I had planned to write up some meditations on this site, but alas, my laptop charger wished to stall my eager nature and my willing typing. In a sense, this interruption may block my writing something rash about the sublime mystery that is the Sacred Triad. I had a number of ideas to write on concerning the Godhead, yet I believe it would be expedient if I were to take another few days of reflection in case I write something contrary to the Faith out of lack of reverence because of my hasty manner.

I am internally debating whether to write about:

1) The Persons addressed in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and their 'function' in the liturgy.
2) The relevance of the Trinity for the average laymen.
3) How the 'Paschal Mystery' reveals the immanent Divine life.
4) or...why I shouldn't dare to write on such a profound truth that my weak, polluted intellect can never hope to grasp without falling into innumberable sins.

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