Wednesday, 2 June 2010

SSPX District Superior's Letter

''My dear brethren,
The Papal visit to Fatima this 13th May would provide the providential occasion for Benedict XVI to make the long-awaited consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, although, to correspond to Our Lady’s request, it must be performed in union with all the bishops of the world. We may ask why it is that Russia, as opposed to some other nation, has to be consecrated specifically to the Holy Mother of God. The answer is quite simply that this vast country has been chosen as the means for punishing all those nations, which have been unfaithful to God’s Law, and hence it must be converted if the peace of Christ is to be given to the world and indeed to the Church.
Until its consecration and conversion have taken place, Russia will continue to spread its errors throughout the world. These errors have been classified under four headings: The First Error consists in Russia’s schism, dating back to the great schism of 1054, with the refusal of the primacy and the authority of the pope, and the consequent rejection of the dogma that outside the Church there is no salvation. The Second Error is that of atheistic Communism which reduces man to a mere economic unit, a means of production, at the service of the all-powerful state. This intrinsically perverse system denies God’s existence and condemns man to an inhuman existence in a totalitarian regime. The Third Error consists in Communism’s new fa├žade, that of Globalism and a so-called universal democracy founded upon Marxist Communism. ‘Each element of the perestroika program is essentially founded on the idea that more socialism is needed.’ [Mikhail Gorbatchev, 1987] The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was destined to absorb all the nations of the world into an entity without borders. Globalism and the idea of a global planet have now replaced the USSR but to the same end. As Communism denied social differences, so is globalism working to suppress national differences. The Fourth Error is that of Ecology or religious Globalism. ‘The present ecological crisis presents an opportunity to create an ecumenical theology, founded upon a sentiment of respect to a renewed environment, which could serve as a common denominator and a rallying-point for cooperation among the principle religions.’ [State of the World forum, 1996, founded by Gorbatchev] Ecology is thus the common denominator which the new world religion uses so as to dilute all religions. Ensuing from this is a new morality which is defined by its ‘respect for nature.’
The recent election campaigns of the major parties in this country have echoed all these errors with their Godless view of society, with their euro-socialist policies, and with their ecological hype with its new morality which is so opposed to the Catholic family. Hence the importance of the consecration of Russia and its conversion to the Catholic Faith, so that it will one day be at the service of Christ and His Church, a light to overcome the darkness. To this end the Rosary Crusade has been a resounding success with over 19 million Rosaries recited for this intention between May 2009 to March 2010!! The official tally from this country came to 218,645, as of the deadline last Easter Sunday, although I continue to receive returns at the time of writing. Deo Gratias et Maria!
Let us continue to watch andpray for we know not how long the errors of Russia will go onscourging this sinful world.
For other news:
I have been away for most of April preaching retreats to our Oblate Sisters at Saint Saviour’s House in Bristol, followed by a kind invitation from the superior of the U.S. District, Father Arnaud Rostand, to preach the priests’ retreat there from 12-17th April. This took place in Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat House in Phoenix, Arizona, and was attended by thirty-two Fathers. The retreat was based upon the life and times of a colourful nineteenth-century English prelate, Bishop Peter Baines ( 1786-1843), and allowed us to draw a number of considerations and lessons for our own priestly lives and ministries. It was good to have been able to renew acquaintances with confreres stationed in the USA and Canada, not least with those who had spent time working on the British mission over the past number of years. After the retreat I had the pleasure of visiting the Grand Canyon, some three hours drive away from Phoenix, with Father Robert MacPherson. We were both amazed by the beauty and scale of this natural wonder, which reflects thepower and majesty of the Creator, and to learn subsequently how its formation bears convincing testimony to the deluge at the time of Noah. I hope to include an article on this subject in a future issue of Mater Dei. Another powerful force of nature, that of the erupting volcano in Iceland, caused a ten day delay in my return flight from Houston to London, and so it was that I used the time spent in Texas as a fewdays of annual leave whilst celebrating daily Mass for our appreciative faithful in Spring, North Houston, at the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel. I returned on 30th April to an overflowing in-box and so I shall appreciate your patience as I try to catch up with things! For information with regard to the various forthcoming pilgrimages— Chartres, Glastonbury, Compostella, Canterbury, Walsingham—please refer to the various notices found elsewhere in this newsletter. Each of these are an occasion of grace and represent providential opportunities for introducing new-comers to the Catholic Faith.
With every good wish and blessing in Jesus and Mary,
Father Paul Morgan, Superior

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