Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Birthday of Saint John the Baptist

Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel!

Today, we venerate the memory and beseech the intercession of blessed John the Baptist, the servant of God and the forerunner of the Messias. Today's world needs a new messenger of the Good News, in this time of unbelief and hardness of heart. All of the baptised are called to go forth, announcing the Just Judgement of God, and by living a disciplined life, built upon faith which is strengthened by the grace of the Sacraments, men will be converted to the truth. Those who live in such a manner will give great glory to the Blessed Trinity and shall flourish like the palm-tree, shall grow up like the cedar of Libanus.
Evil is practised and defended under the cover of law, let us therefore imitate the heroic virtues of blessed John, offering a sacrifice of praise to the Lord who has visited His people and shown forth His mercy to sinners. God pre-ordains all things to His glory in His wisdom, and invites fallen man to share in His divine nature and participate in the communion of love. Before He formed us in the womb, He knew us, He has consecrated us to His service to root up, and to pull down, and to waste and to destroy, and to build, and to plant. Let us enlighten men in the truth, who is Christ, loosening their bonds through faithfully adhering to the salvation purchased for us by the Precious Blood on Calvery.
If such a mission had to be undertaken, this is the appropriate moment. Souls walk idly into destruction and Hell. Our pastors are oblivious to the dangers of sin and its unchecked reign in men's souls. Yet, through the grace of Jesus and the loving protection of our Blessed Mother, we can bring men to our Father's house.
Brethren, let us then prepare the path for the return of our Lord, to whom be the glory and the power for ever. Amen.

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