Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

On this most sacred day, we remember with sweet sorrow the Suffering of our Lord on the Cross. It is a day of mixed emotions, hidden behind the bitter agony lies our reconciliation with the Heavenly Father, Whom we have so grieviously offended since our First Parents. For that reason, there is a , yet as Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to say, 'as long as there is sin, the crucifixion is a reality'. By being led by the Holy Spirit to the Truth that is our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, we can enter into the Heavenly Sanctuary to render worship to God, as we contemplate His Divine Essence. However, we are not there yet. The followers of the Crucified have much to endure, but endure we must to the end. Life Himself takes on our death. Our death is swallowed up in His Life.
Sin abounds, openly and unashamedly, in today's world. Our Lord is blasphemed and mocked, while Heaven seems to remain unmoved. It will take great confidence, just like the confidence of our Lord when He placed His spirit into the hands of the Unbegotten One. We have much to do. Let us keep awake.
Glory to the Crucified One.

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