Monday, 12 April 2010

Thoughts From A Wander To Asda

The following will be recorded with the reckless arrangement as when they came to my mind on my little trip to alleviate my boredom.

There exists today a scrupulous analyis of the most trivial of matters. On the other hand, topics of substance are treated with disdain or at least indifference. Subjects of little importance are examined with more precision and attention to detail than the Angelic Doctor would ever be able to attain.

The world likes to scoff at the Medieval style of debate including the proverbial, 'how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?' (for those who wish to know, the answer includes: an angel is an intellectual substance which possesses a spiritual nature alone, not a material one. An angel does not 'inhabit' a place in the same sense as this Cadbury Daily Milk is taking up space on my bed, but changes its 'activity' from one sphere to another).

However, this generation has the almost 'scholastic' tendency to examine irrelevancies with punctilious concern. While the legalised slaughter of the unborn goes on, with the government nodding with liberal approval, our 'finest' minds squabble over the all-important question whether it be politically correct to call a sheep 'black'.

The big questions which enable us to arrive at truth are untouched. Yet, no matter how much we have 'de-christianised' our society, a remnant of the old faith remains unseen. Our culture still admits that truth, goodness and justice exists, yet the foundation has been taken away. What is evil according to our secularists? No answer has been given. They demand that we answer their questions, however, it is our turn to interrogate them. Their shaky base will crumble.


  1. Thank u! Interesting and articulate.

  2. Oh good one, Stuart; good one!

  3. this is shite. you taigy fuck

  4. Taigy? Someone translate for me.
    Are the huns calling us Fenians again? *sigh*

  5. Yeh, I have not been called that for a
    Glad to see the old hatred is still there...8-)

  6. I didn't know the word until today! :-p