Saturday, 10 April 2010

The Holy Father

Another day, another series of allegations against the Supreme Pontiff. Another torrent of ignorance has been displayed by the secular media. Has no one ever checked the authority the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had before 2001? No. They have simply assumed that the Congregation had the same jurisdiction over certain matters back then as it has now.

NOTE WELL: The CDF had no authority before 2001 in dealing with cases of sexual abuse by clergy. This power was given in 2001. The case of Murphy (when Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was informed eventually) was before this date. And so was the case of Kiesle. For a world that does not believe in the priesthood (why offer sacrifice when sin does not exist?), why is it so incessant in trying to have a man 'defrocked' (a common word among the media, not entirely accurate either)? Laicisation or removal from the clerical state does not remove the priest's 'powers', it simply removes the sanction of the Church to use them. A priest is a priest is a priest. A man who is validly ordained can offer the Sacrifice of the Mass even if he is in the same vein as Hitler or Stalin, as it is Christ who acts in each sacrament.
It may be understandable that the average journalist does not fully comprehend the way that the Catholic Church works (in fact, why comment on a matter that will lead to further confusion?). It would be like your humble blogger commenting on the correct use of Chinese grammar. But it is these 'religious correspondents', who put more wood on the fire through ignorance and deep hatred of the Church.
However, 'He who hears you, hears Me', if Christ our Master was treated in such an awful mannerer, why do we complain? The world hates us as they hated our Saviour before us. The world turns from the Light as it's deeds are depraved, corrupt, not a good man is left. Not one seeks God.
So let us rally around the Holy Father, beseeching constantly the protection of the Most Holy Mother and Sait Joseph, the Guardian of the Church. In even a few years, who will remember these poor excuses for journalists? But as since the day of Pentecost, the Catholic Church will still be here.

Oremus pro pontifice....

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