Monday, 26 April 2010

...of the Greek Variety

Now and then, I wish for us to experience the beauty of the Greek/Eastern approach to theology which is spiritual enrichening also. On to Saint Cyril of Alexandria concering the Eucharist:

'Accordingly, the holy body of Christ endows those who receive It with life and keeps us incorrupt when it is mingled with our bodies. For it is not the body of anyone else, but is thought of as the body of Him who is Life by nature, since It has within Itself the entire power of the Word that is united to it, and is endowed with His qualities, or rather is filled with His energy, through which all things are given life and maintained in being' (Commentary on John 324d).

My comment: Why do you abstain from the Eucharist? I am not worthy, you respond. Yet how will you ever be worthy if you refrain from receiving Him who comes to you in great love in order to sanctify you and allow you to share in the divine nature? Such an attitude is not always of humility, but a rejection of what the Good Lord has ordained for the salvation of your soul. The intimate union of our being with the Eucharistic flesh and blood of Christ enables us to become one with Him, who is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, thereby we are then lifted up to partake of the trinitarian life by grace.

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