Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Idiotic Piece of Ignorance of the Week

This could be a regular feature, in fact I am better just referring you all to the New York Times website:

''The first-century church was inclusive and democratic, even including a proto-feminist wing and texts. The Gospel of Philip, a Gnostic text from the third century, declares of Mary Magdalene: “She is the one the Savior loved more than all the disciples.” Likewise, the Gospel of Mary (from the early second century) suggests that Jesus entrusted Mary Magdalene to instruct the disciples on his religious teachings. '' (A Church Mary Could Love, Nicholas D Kristof)

Apart from the blantant historical inaccurancies of his writing, the obvious bias against the Church, the addiction to a earthly kingdom of brotherhood (and sisterhood) etc, it was quite amusing to read.
The liberals seem to believe that if a woman was running the show, all would be rosy. Except if that woman is Margaret Thatcher of course...

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