Saturday, 26 October 2013

Una Voce Mass in Torphichen, Scotland

Mass offered today at the Preceptory of the Knights of St. John in Torphichen according to the Ancient Form of the Roman Liturgy. Celebrant: Fr. Mark Morris. In Choir: Fr. John Emerson FSSP

It is the project of Una Voce Scotland to organise the celebration of the Usus Antiquior in as many pre-Reformation churches in the land as possible. One can imagine the delight of the faithful, monks and priests who used to assist at Masses at places like these to see their churches used once again for their purpose, the worship of God. They are certainly beautiful to look at, but what a joy it is for one to hear Gregorian chant expertly resounding between these ancient walls for the glory of our Lord.


  1. What exactly is the choir dress Fr Emerson is wearing? I have only ever seen that for Canons.

  2. I am not sure, I meant to ask him about the significance of the blue mozetta and the medal. I'll need to find out next week :)

  3. He is a chaplain of the Constantinian Order of St George :)