Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Beauty of our Patrimony

"Nothing could better obstruct the confrontation of man with God than the notion that we "go unto the altar of God" as we would go to a pleasant, relaxing social gathering. This is why the Latin mass with Gregorian chant, which raises us up to a sacred atmosphere, is vastly superior to a vernacular mass with popular songs, which leaves us in a profane, merely natural atmosphere." - Dietrich von Hildebrand. 


  1. St Andrews at Ravelston with Fr John Emerson as Deacon?

  2. Correct. With Bishop Rifan as celebrant and I as thurifer :)

    1. Ahh excellent! Always good to know there's more young folk attached to the TLM in Scotland!

      I go to Fr Emerson's monthly Mass over in the town of St Andrews. I hope he gets a parish soon!