Friday, 3 April 2015

The Pope Speaks

Pope Leo XIII on the New Church, ''Testem Benevolentiae''

''The basis of the new opinions that We have mentioned is established is essentially this: In order that those who dissent may more easily be brought over to Catholic wisdom, the Church should come closer to the humanity of a more mature age and, relaxing her old severity, manifest indulgence towards the beliefs and the opinions of the people that have recently been introduced. Moreover, many think that this should be understood not only with regard to the standard of living, but even with regard to the doctrines in which the deposit of faith is contained. For, they contend that it is opportune, to win over those who are in agreement, if certain topics of doctrine are passed over as of lesser importance or are so softened that they do not retain the same sense as the Church has always held.
 Now the history of all past ages is witness that this Apostolic See, to which not only the office of teaching but also the supreme government of the whole Church were assigned, has indeed continually adhered ''to the same doctrine, in the same sense, and in the same mind'', but, on the other hand, that it always been accustomed to regulate the rule of life so as to never overlook the manners and customs of the various peoples it embraces, while keeping the divine law unimpaired. If the safety of souls demands this, who will doubt that it will do so now?

Comment: The glory of the Apostolic See is the Apostolic Doctrine. The net of Peter has been cast over the whole world to bind all lands in the one faith of the one Lord. The zealous guarding of the Deposit of Faith, wherein is contained fidelity to the revelation of Our Lord and the Holy Ghost, is the chief duty of Eternal Rome. May the current occupant of the Throne of Peter not be ashamed before his predecessors! What benefit may a soul accrue by coming to possess the name of Catholic if not the faith and grace of one? 

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