Monday, 8 September 2014

My Thoughts on Scottish Independence

This article has been wandering around lost in my mind for quite a few months. In fact I have just taken a few minutes pause after writing that first line to consider what to write next. To be entirely honest, I have no clue how I am going to vote, if at all, on September 18th. The ''arguments'' wielded by either side have left me as they found me, entirely indifferent and sceptical. Maybe I will make the Yes box, maybe I will tick the No box, with good probability I will do nothing and remain at home and channel surf.

 I have been rather intrigued about my passivity towards this referendum. If anyone had asked me prior to the bombardment of this cliche ridden campaign, I would have labelled myself a Scottish nationalist. Although to be honest I still do. I have never considered myself British and have only ever felt disgust and irritation at selecting ''Great Britain'' while filling out online registration forms. Yet, my Scottish patriotism does not extend much beyond a general suspicion of the English. It is true that I fought a few times for Scotland as a martial artist however there is no strong feeling either way other than the usual annoyances living in a culture dominated by English and American television and attitudes. I believed that I would have been energised by the campaigns, involving myself in the debates and attempting to convince my friends and colleagues to see the issues as I do. Alas that has not occurred.

Like most matters I consider, they exist entirely as a concept. For someone so pessimistic my idealism, especially of the past, governs my principles of how the world should be. It is for this reason that you may observe to the right of my blog the Cross of Burgundy. My social and political tenets find a natural home in the Carlist movement but my contribution to such initiatives is the odd aphorism and grumbling infront of the television. I am content to scribble down some thoughts and express briefly my mild exasperation at the idiocy of a social commentator who has trotted out the latest platitude in vogue.

 The world is certainly wicked and the transformation, nay restoration, is not to be. Original sin has reached its zenith in this generation. The terms of the debate do not appeal to me at all. It is a matter of complete indifference to me if the NHS should be privatised at all. Or if income inequality has breached a tolerable distance. The irascible comments on social media and on television debates show a superficiality that should be mocked. It has not occurred to these stalwarts of the NHS whether such an institution needs scrapped or reworked. Whether the system actually works has not strayed across their radar. They only consider preservation, they are the traditionalists of short memory. What issue is it to me whether London is prosperous as thought by levelling the City to the condition of a sink estate to match our own would be to increase happiness across the board. Yet the cliches and ill judged assumptions will be proclaimed as though the mere mention of them is enough to clinch the debate provided compassionate and socially aware men are present.

Will Scotland prosper outwith the Union of Parliaments? Who knows. That is not the issue. As I saw recently it does appear that as the economic strength of a nation increases so does their degeneracy. I will provide you with one thought to consider. I truly do fear that there will be some socialist takeover of this nation. The influence of the socialist movement is far more than latent in Scotland. In many places it is considered the mark of good taste and compassion. However much I may dislike the political union of this island I will always detest socialism, the plague that ravages the rights of God, of the family and property. It can only promote economic misery and a progressive degeneration of our morals. Such men will seek to enshrine their vices as constitutional principles. We shall see the deification of rights of sodomy, ''marital'' perversity and the removal of all mention of the Faith in the public square. The mush that our archbishops have written betray their all too naturalistic conception of society. They have disgraced their episcopal orders by their promotion of democracy in the 21st century where Catholicism in public is banished. The revolution does eat its own after all. The misery of socialism, the paralysis of trade unionism and the perversity of the sexually uninhibited will rule this land. A wasteland. A land which cries freedom but will soon kowtow to Brussells and Strasbourg.

What is to become of the monarchy? In its current state it is worth no more than a tourist trinket.

 Yet how long can we rely on back bench Tory MPs to uphold even vestiges of Christendom when they will abandon all moral principle if they get a whiff of a promise by Cameron of a free vote on fox hunting? In or out, the decline will be steep and the brakes will be cut.

After all what chance will there be of the King over the Water taking any notice?

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