Friday, 18 April 2014

Reflection on Good Friday

From the eternal Father was begotten in the most intimate manner the Son, the perfect image and Word of the First. The entire divine nature was communicated to Him without lapse of time nor numerical division. The principle that goodness is diffusive of itself is persevered and perfected in the immanent notional acts. It was therefore not necessary at all for God to create anything as He was sufficient in the one society of the Blessed Trinity, lacking nothing and possessing all. He brought us forth not according to any essential emanation of His divine nature but according to the order of His absolute free and sovereign will. There was no compulsion in this decree which had its effect in time, as though God had a moral imperative to bring forth creatures to share in His essential goodness. It was not better that God should create. It pertained to His liberality and was merely fitting that we should be formed from nothing. His absolute will was subject to nothing other than His wisdom and justice.

 On Good Friday, we contemplate the binding of the God for the sake of those He created freely and with the utmost ease. There was no strain in creation. Even though the cosmos was brought forth from no pre-existing subject, and we were the most purest of potentialities, by a single decree of His divine will, all began to exist with time. With in the beginning, God gained nothing. In the fullness of time , He lost everything. The power that said 'Let there be light' and the light was made, descended into the darkness. The hands that could stretch across the horizon, directing, governing and moulding all that He brought forth freely, are now bound and He is left only to groan and writhe. The lifeless earth trembled while He who is essential Life, fell silent.    

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