Monday, 3 March 2014

Michael Matt on Criticising Pope Francis

I'll let Michael Matt speak for himself. His words are certainly worthy of consideration. No Catholic should rejoice at the opportunity to rise up against the Holy Father, in fact it should cause us great grief to realise that we have almost been abandoned by the Shepherd who appears oblivious to the dangers that press on from all sides against the Catholic Church. Let us pray constantly for the illumination of the mind of Pope Francis so that his words may at all times mirror the mind of the Church concerning the Orthodox Faith. On the other hand, let us never be so naive to expand the respect due to the office of the Petrine ministry to ridiculous lengths that damage not only the Church but the soul of the very pontiff who could continue in his errors without opposition. Let Christ and the faith He founded be our first consideration and from that we will proceed with the greatest love possible for His Vicar.

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